We offer a full range of courses in the major Nondestructive Testing Methods and related subjects. Courses include the most basic and widely used as well as advanced NDT methods which as scheduled throughout the year.  All methods are taught by experienced Level III faculty and most course are conducted in our INSTITUTE BRANCHES training centers.  Many programs we offer can be conducted at your location and customized to specific products and equipment.

In addition to our regularly scheduled schools, we can also conduct on-site instruction at your location. In-plant schools can be based on standard NDT courses or they can be tailored to the specific requirements of a company’s in-house specification and experience levels.

Holding a training class on-site is an excellent training approach that can provide concentration on your specific company applications, and can be cost-effective way to provide training for a group of employees. Price quotations and proposals for on-site training are available upon request.

Level I, II and Additional Training Courses are listed on the left of this page, grouped by NDT Method. As you navigate the various NDT training course groups, additional details regarding course content, schedule dates, and fees are included.

Level III Courses for all methods are listed under “Refresher (Level III) Courses.”

Additional training courses can be found under “Seminars” or “Special Programs.”

In order to maintain high quality standards for all training sessions provided, we have established prerequisites for each course. Please make sure you are familiar with this information before registering for a course.


Our Values

It is the endeavour of Trainee world to add value to our Customer's Business & Management Systems through Training, Consultation, Implementation and related value added services. Our training centre, with the Engineering division, is an addition to the feather in our cap which provides opportunity for fresh engineers & engineering professionals to build a career in Engineering services. Our course highlights are:

  • Industry oriented Training – Petro chemical refinery , Process , Oil & Gas.
  • Software used are original and the latest in industry
  • Subject Specific, core to the context
  • World Class Training Facility
  • Taught by experienced professionals – faculty with 20 years of experience
  • Theoretical and practical sessions
  • Continual improvement and knowledge sharing, after the course
  • Online courses available for overseas students
  • One of the finest course material offered in Engineering Industry
  • We provide assistance to placement; we dont provide false assurance to a 100% placement
  • Flexible course timing with Weekend Classes
  • Individual attention to Students
  • We just dont train, we are into Engineering Services, projects and deliverance to our Customers